Church on Fire

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Jesus' church in the western world faces quite a challenge. He has commissioned us to demonstrate his power and witness to his love; yet how many times in the last few weeks has anyone you know experienced prayer or heard the gospel? There are an increasing number of "good ideas" being circulated as to what others might do to increase the church's effectiveness and reduce the decline. But has anyone ever asked Jesus what He thinks about His church?

Starting this weekend we are listening in to what Jesus actually reveals to his church what He thinks. Please read the first three chapters of The Revelation, this week we will listen carefully to what Jesus says to the church in Ephesus. Please prepare by praying, and arrive ready to act upon what He says. 

I have been listening to a series of Pod casts called ‘This Cultural Moment.’ I would encourage everyone at Central to listen to these - but if you were only to listen to one of them, please listen to the last one - Session 6 of the Portland Sessions: Part 6 as I think it will help you to see what we are up against and how we might have every confidence in Jesus that we are going to thrive.

-Tim Silk

Tim Silk