God Came Close

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A friend of mine put a quote on Instagram last week. It said “there are three words that will solve all your problems, heal your heartache and change your outlook on life. Come to me.” He was referencing Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” The fact that we can come to Jesus, no matter what, is the core of the gospel message. What’s happening in your life today? Will you bring it to the one who promises rest in exchange?  

Another name for Jesus is Emmanuel, which means “God with us.” We don’t have a distant God who may one day let us in to a faraway heaven. We have Emmanuel, God with us. Jesus taught us to pray “on earth as it is in heaven,” inviting us to call the reality of heaven into our daily lives here on earth. If Jesus is with me, I have access to his voice. If Jesus is with me, I have access to his power. If Jesus is with me, I have access to his peace. In short, when we come to him, things change.

There are countless stories in the Bible that demonstrate this. Remember the paralysed man? Jesus came close and he picked up his mat and began to walk. Have you read about the poor man who lived in a cave and had to be restrained with chains and shackles? Jesus came close and he was restored to his right mind. Or the woman with the issue of blood who came to Jesus with a chronic condition and received her healing. When Jesus comes close, everything changes.

Jesus is with us today. I have the honour of capturing some of the stories of our Central family for our monthly testimony service. I’ve heard of a man diagnosed with cancer, but Jesus came close and he was completely healed. Or another who was trapped in a lifestyle of addiction, but Jesus came close and he is completely free. When Jesus comes close, everything changes. Even today.

Where do you need God to come close? Draw near today. James 4:8 says “draw near to God and he will draw near to you.” He promises his closeness. It’s available to everybody. I love that so often in the Bible, when people get overwhelmed, God’s answer is “fear not, I am with you.” God knows that his presence is enough for anything you’ll ever face. Let’s position ourselves in expectation that as we come to him, everything changes, and anything is possible.

“Come to me” - Jesus

- Jessie Carter