Mystery Is All Part Of The Adventure With God

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On Sunday I shared a testimony of God in my workplace; how He had broken off fear and helped me to enjoy (not endure) teaching. I also shared that I felt Him speak to me about a particular teaching job, saying that this job was mine. He spoke to me through scripture, pictures, other people, and even a job ID badge which I 'randomly' found in my sandwich bag on the interview day. This is a job that I interviewed for, and was rejected from, 4 weeks ago. In the past 4 weeks I have been in a 'fog' of mystery, where I have heard God speak to me more clearly and felt Him closer than ever before.

 On Tuesday I went to a job interview at another school. I had low expectations (this wasn't the job that God told me about!) However, as I looked round and met staff, I found that the school ticked a lot of my boxes. The previous night, God had given me a picture of a bird flying overhead and dropping a baby at my feet. I knew the baby symbolised a promise. I wondered if God was telling me that He would deliver His promise in an unexpected way! As I waited for my formal interview, I put a very simple 'fleece' before God. If this is from you, give me favour and let them offer me the job, and I will accept it. I was the third and final candidate to be interviewed and ,at the end of the questions, they said they would call me later with the result. I left the school feeling peaceful knowing that the decision was in God's hands. Before I had even got on the bus to go home, they had called me to offer me the job! I joyfully accepted.

  I can't say that I now have clarity over what has happened; it is all still a mystery. However, I do know that God has tested and grown my faith through this process. Perhaps I heard wrong about the first school, or perhaps it is a promise for the future. Mystery is all part of the adventure with God! "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:9.

- Sioned