Our Passion


We love Jesus. And we long to experience him and as a result be able to love the world as He does.
Defining what makes up the characteristics of our community, our role in 'the body'.
We believe it is essential to be able to love Bristol as effectively as possible.
So here is what we are about...




Helping the people of Bristol to follow Jesus

Ultimately, we exist to help people discover what life is truly about.

We believe that fulfilment in life will only be found by turning away from the idols of our hearts and trusting in the true God who is the giver of life.

We believe that this God has made himself known personally through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

We are a people who gather at a central place where our faith is fanned as we encounter his presence and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We gather in different sized groups throughout the city to see lives transformed and made new.




Everything that we do can be summed up under three overlapping headings. The first and foundational area of our vision is to encounter the risen Jesus as he presences himself by the Holy Spirit.

All our activities necessarily flow from an ongoing, deepening relationship with the living God.

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Encountering Jesus

In the Scriptures, in prayer, in worship, all the time.

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Redeeming Life

Spurring one another on to pursue the abundant life that Jesus gives.

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Loving Bristol

Unreservedly sharing the love of Jesus with everyone we encounter.


Core Values


Choose Jesus above all

Worship and pursue him 24/7  


Build your life on his word

Hear and obey


Speak positively

because God is good in every circumstance


Join in

and be the family we want


Get to the heart of the matter

and pursue the way forward with Jesus


Be generous with all God gives

Radical generosity in truth, time, talents and treasure


Say why he sent you

Proclaim the Gospel