At Central we are committed to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults who may be considered vulnerable. For more information about our safeguarding policies and procedures you can view our safeguarding policy here.

If you are concerned that a child or adult who may be considered vulnerable, has been or may be at risk of being abused or neglected, please take the following steps…

Katie Mobbs - Parish Safeguarding Officer

Katie Mobbs - Parish Safeguarding Officer

  1. Emergency Situation
    If someone has been abused or attacked, or is in immediate danger,  call 999

  2.  Inform the Safeguarding Officer
    If you have a concern about someone or something you have seen, please raise this with our Parish Safeguarding Officer.
    Name: Katie Mobbs
    Tel: 0117 929 3386

  3.  Make a Record
    Write down what happened if you saw or were told about an incident and hand this record to the Parish Safeguarding Officer.

  4. Further Help
    In the absence of the Parish Safeguarding Officer and if advice is needed before their return, the following can provide you with advice:

  • Diocesan Safeguarding Team - 0117 9060 100

  • Thirty One Eight - 0303 003 11 11

  • Bristol City Council:
    Child Safeguarding Team - 0117 903 6500
    Adult Safeguarding Team - 0117 922 2700
    Emergency Safeguarding Team (Out of Hours)  - 01454 615 165
    On-line Contact Form -