Hello Students!


We are a group of people focused on encountering Jesus, building family and loving the city! We enjoy welcoming students into our church family while they’re in Bristol. Our goal is to provide a supportive, multi-generational environment where students will feel at home and challenged to grow in their faith alongside Christians of all ages. We meet in Bristol oldest continually worshiping church however, our worship style is modern and contemporary.

You are welcome at all of our gatherings and each one offers something a little different. Join us at 10:30 for our Sunday morning service which is the time when we all gather together as a church family. There are people from all ages and stages of life which adds to a rich and friendly culture. Our bible teaching seeks to apply the ancient truths of scripture in a contemporary and applicable way. If you’re looking to meet with Jesus in a deep way Encounter Nights on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month are for you. We have contemporary worship inspired by places like Bethel Church, Elevation Worship and Hillsong with prophetic ministry times and times of equipping. Encounter Nights have more of a free flow to them as we seek to partner with what the Holy Spirit is doing.

If you live in the city centre, Central Talks on Tuesday lunchtimes (1pm for a 1.15pm start) is a great thing for you and you non-christian friend to come to with a buffet lunch provided. Each talk will explore how the Bible relates to contemporary working life without being all churchy and christian! It will raise issues that affect all of us at university or in the workplace: power, integrity, pride, success, the unexpected, promotion, well-being, problem solving and mental health, among others.

We don’t have a specific student group at Central and that’s on purpose! We recognise how important having diversity in our discipleship is, so we invite students to join in with church life and be part of our thriving connect groups. One-on-one mentoring is also available. For more information on students at Central, contact tim.browne@bristolcentral.com